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New Security Threat for Mozilla and Firefox Users

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Former CEO Defends Stock Sales
Prosecutors focus on Kenneth Lay's sale of his own company stock while encouraging...
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113 Killed in Russian Plane Crash
An Armenian passenger plane crashed in stormy weather Wednesday off Russia's Black Sea coast...

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Magnitude 8.0 Quake Strikes Near Tonga
Chaos Feared in Pandemic Flu Plan
Soda Distributors to End Most School Sales

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The familiar becomes a restriction if you grow fearful of change. It's time to explore different directions. It's time to grow and adapt, which means you need to let go of what you want to retain.
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Stocks End Lower on Fed Chief's Comments
Stocks End Lower on Fed Chief's Comments, Oil Prices and Weak U.S. Dollar
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NASDAQ +0.96 2305.75
DOW +55.71 11399.00
S&P 500 +4.49 1309.68
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